About Us

Headway Salisbury and South Wiltshire’s mission is to ensure that when a person’s life is turned upside down by brain injury, they get the help, support and guidance they need and deserve.

With this in mind our aims include:

Working with service users, carers and families to identify goals that will enable our service users to progress on their individual rehabilitation journey.

To provide the support necessary to ensure those goals can be achieved;
to ensure that these goals both complement formal rehabilitation provided by healthcare professionals and assist in building independence within the local community;

To deliver individually tailored services which, at the same time, supports the carers and families;

To raise awareness of the range and duration of the needs of people with brain injuries and to increase public and professional awareness of the presence and activities of Headway Salisbury and South Wiltshire; and at the same time participate in activities that will help to reduce the incidence of brain injury;

and to promote improved communication with and between other organisations or agencies involved in the assessment, rehabilitation and community re-entry, of those with brain injuries.