Peer Support Group Facilitator

Are you interested in a volunteering role that makes a real difference to people’s lives? By becoming a volunteer facilitator at our monthly Peer Support group for brain injury survivors you will support and empower members to manage their health condition through facilitated discussion and by sharing experiences.

You’ll have a real impact in reducing isolation for those affected by this hidden disability, fostering friendships and creating lasting support systems. One group member said ‘The only time I feel normal is when I’m here’. Another said ‘The group is the most positive thing that has happened since our brain injuries’.

We are looking for someone to support us with the following tasks (alongside the service manager)

  • Benchmarking and outcome assessment with service users
  • Benchmarking and outcome assessment with carers, partners or family members attending Support Group (when developed)
  • Planning monthly Peer Support Group sessions
  • Developing Support Group for carers, partners or family members to run alongside Service User Group

This is not an exhaustive list and can include other activities that the Volunteer Group Facilitator would like to become involved in such as becoming involved in fund raising activities as they arise.

We will cover volunteers expenses. This role requires commitment between 2pm and 4pm on the last Saturday of every month in Salisbury town centre, plus some planning time.

Practical Considerations

We have people from all walks of life who decide to volunteer with us for lots of different reasons such as to meet new people, gain experience, contribute to the community, and develop new skills. We can work with you to shape the role to meet your experiences, expectations and goals. All volunteers are well supported with an induction and regular meetings with the service manager. Their work is greatly valued by the charity and its service users.

If you would like to find out more about this opportunity, please feel free to get in touch.