Join us for our Virtual Village Show!

Like our group members, we know so many of you have enjoyed being outdoors and nurturing your gardens over the last year or so; to celebrate we are launching our first Virtual Village Show!


Our show is an opportunity for you to showcase the best of your passion for growing and creating; with our Flower Garden, Kitchen Garden, and Jane James & Associates Exhibition ‘tents’ there is something for everyone to get involved with… all from the comfort of your own home (or garden)!


Whether you are a novice with a newly found passion for growing a couple of pots on a windowsill, or a bit of a gardening expert, we hope there is something for everyone!


Our competition categories are detailed below, along with how to enter the show; you never know, you could be one of our category winners, tent champions, or best in show!

Competition Categories

Flower Garden (adults / children)

  • Display 3 blooms (any variety) in 1 container (could also be a vase / jam jar / mug / bottle / teapot / glass etc)
  • A photo of my flower garden
  • The sunniest sunflower – children only


Kitchen Garden (adults / children)

  • Display 3 of the same type of produce on a plate (3 potatoes, 3 strawberries, 3 tomatoes…) – we’ll be looking for how uniform they are, as well as how delicious they look
  • Display 3 of different types of produce on something – see if you can think of a theme e.g. all salad bits together in a salad bowl, all berries together on a chopping board
  • Wonky / funny produce – 1 of anything displayed on a plate
  • A photo of my kitchen garden 


Jane James & Associates Exhibition Tent


Baking (adults)

  • Fruit cake – a slice displayed, alongside the rest of the cake
  • Chocolate cake – a slice displayed alongside the rest of the decorated cake
  • Jam or Chutney – displayed in it’s jar, or spread 


Photography (adults / children)

  • Any photo on the theme  ‘A Year to Remember’


Hobbies & Handicrafts (Children under 15)

  • Painting of my favourite thing or animal
  • 6 decorated cupcakes or biscuits
  • Homemade / painted / coloured greetings card


Pet Show (adults / children)

  • Cheekiest / Cutest pet – photo with a few words about what they are up to!

How to Enter

Simply, take a photo of your entry and email it to us at, using ‘Virtual Village Show’ as the subject.


Make sure you include your name, age (if entering a children’s category), what your photo is of, and which category you are entering.


There is a suggested donation of £2 per entry (if you’re able), which can be made on our Virtual Village Show fundraising page!


The show is open to entries for 12 weeks, to allow for the differing growing and blooming times of various produce and flowers.  Entries can be sent to us at any point throughout the show, but we must receive entries by 5pm on Friday 10 September 2021.


The show is open to everyone across our community, so please get your family, friends and colleagues involved as well.


We can’t wait to see what you grow and create, and will be sharing some of your photos on our fundraising page and on social media too.  


Good luck and happy growing!!